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see also counter-shading and iridescence

showing combination of offset and color leakage/transfer involving
Plate IX. Roseate Spoonbill. Sunrise or sunset. Red Flamingoes.
Plate X. White Flamingoes. Red Flamingoes. The Skies They Simulate.
(detail; levels 0 .50 255)
ex Gerald H. Thayer (1883-1939). Concealing-coloration in the animal kingdom; an exposition of the laws of disguise through color and pattern: being a summary of Abbott H. Thayer’s discoveries... with an introductory essay by A.H. Thayer (1849-1921 *), illustrated by Abbott H. Thayer, Gerald H. Thayer, Richard S. Meryman and others and with photographs.
New York, 1909
Smithsonian copy, no date of digitization, at archive.org

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Obliterative Coloration
animals which form exceptions to general rule of, 126; combined with background-picturing in birds, 33-71; coöperation of markings with, 30-32; erroneous theory of, 28; experimental demonstration of, 136; inversion of, 124, 147; law of, 27; perfection of, in butterflies, 231; principles of, 14-21; unaccompanied by obliterative shading, 196
See also Counter-Shading and Iridescence

20 November 2015

color; obliterative coloration
G. H. Thayer, Concealing-coloration in the animal kingdom (1909)