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spread in all directions

Then something is mentioned about a certain “‘canal,’ perhaps another book in which ‘canal’ occurs, or something else with the word ‘canal’ . . . she doesn’t know . . . it is all confused.”

ex Sigmund Freud. Introduction to Psychoanalysis (1921)

abandoned canal
aboriginal canal
absurd canals, are now arranged according to the modern notions
accidental canal
acoustic canal

the Alm Canal, the “noble Alm”

anal canal
analytical canal
anarchic canals
anonymous canals, five of the six

arbitrary canal, to be placed along the surface of the spheroid

the auricular canal (that irrigated blood from his mother’s cancered brain or thereabouts, ca 1961)

biological canals
birth canal
blood canals
brain canals

nor the canal of corruption

canals, spread in all directions

canonical canal *
confused canal, we are likely to have a —
Coral Canal
coronal canal

corporeal canal
depressed canal

deserted canals, where none dared show himself after dusk
difficult canals, scheme for constructing

dream canals, floated on
dream canals, a soothing floral labyrinth of —
dream canals, wandered — whereof

dyspeptic canal (My mind flitted from subject to subject.)

emblematic canal
emotional canals, no network of — which are not brimming
emotional canals, travel on a network of subterranean —

epistolary canal. Note: if needed...
existential canal, when the journey into my

experimental canals
experimental and analytical canals

fictional canal, that would connect the lyrical subject with
floral canals, see dream canals
forgotten canals, make painful way along... and across the morass

found canals
geometric canals
geomantic canals
geological canals

green canals

canal of the heart
high canals

imaginary canals (Now let a communication be made.)

(the small) impossible canals
improbable canals (a few)
incendiary canal, A canal that has no water is a licentious and —
incidental canal

intellectual canal, all its delicate and complicated machinery being drawn into a simple hollow —
intellectual canals, in other words they get muddled

invisible canals, from the true but —

lacanian canal (see Bruce Fink)
lazy canal, why she elected to walk along

literary canals
logical canal, and that it pours itself out in a (on Lucretius, 1907)
lost canals

Love Canal
love canals

low canals
a very low canal

magical canals
meandering canal, I should equally object to a —
mental canals, with pure air
moral canals, new physical and —

musical canal
mystical canal, a blue and —
mythological canals

narrative canal, a circuitous — along which the money will flow
narrative canals, that we are inundated with daily

notional canals, the Earth is seen as composed of — or columns running out from the centre
notional canals, that divide the [chess] board into territories

nutritional canal

obligatory canals (and gondolas)
obscure canals, on these
the optical canal
oral canals
orbital canals (infra- and supra-)
overgrown canals

pedestrian canals
peripheral canals
phantasmal canals

philosophical canals, between Massachusetts and Virginia
philosophical canals (Masonic), which would flow into the enlightenment

planetary canals
poetical canal, furnished all the — scenery
poetical canals, hundreds of rivers, streams and straits were turned into —

polar canal
political canals
primitive canals
primordial canals
probable canals (many)
Providential Canal
psychological canals

purifying canals, from pollution and disorder
putrefying canals, green as the nauseous mud

recessed canal
reciprocal canals
red canals
regulatory canals

remembered canal
well remembered canal
less-well remembered canal

repressed canal, a long — to traverse the path between
rhetorical canal *

root canal
round, straight, or easy canal
rudimentary canals
rumored canals

sad canals (many)
Saint-Simonian canals (see utopian)
scientific canals
secret canal, they are seen to flourish, but the — is not perceived, which pours in upon them
sensual canals, These functions are intrinsic also to other of man’s —
sentimental canals, every careless act and drew —
servile canal, transformation of a wild river into a —

sexual canal, the hidden condition of the feminine —

smoke canals, a spray of water in the — has also been suggested
sordid canal, the unloveliest stretches of — or of teeming slum
speculative canals
spiritual canals, digging a system of — through the stubborn hardpan of heathenism
sub-quantum canals
subterranean canals (in “hollow earth” fiction; in memoriam Stuart Teitler 1940-2014)

suppressed canal, entirely *
swarming canals, noted for its beautiful women, its —

theoretical canals (several)
tortuous canals (also several), and accidents will happen
treacherous canals
tropical canals

unhappy canals
unreal canals
utopian canals, around the thrilling natural features of the famous —

the vaginal canal
venal canals, as quick as thought... compress the — , and obstruct them
vestibular canals
vexatious canals
virginal canal (several), examination revealed a
vocal canal

yellow canals

the zygomatic canal

but on a narrow canal leading to the sea
Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams (1900)

prompted by poster poems, and lack of own connection to them.
no few words here, but found; and most in books and, of those, most old.

typographic accident in source

25 November 2015

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