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the interruption of picture making

Fig. 12. — Surface changes produced in low-carbon steel by heating above the A3 transformation temperature
(b) Average structure of the central portion (cropped to square)
Henry. S. Rawdon (1880-1954 *) and Howard Scott (1893-1968 ?). “Microstructure of iron and mild steel at high temperatures.” National Bureau of Standards, Scientific Papers, Vol. 15 (No. 356, 1919)
NIST copy, scandate 20111007185201

inchoate thinking about (arts) studio practice, and the scientific laboratory, and the status of the visual work produced in both categories of site. and the historical trajectories of these practices, and even collisions, and inflection/infection across them. and the care that must have gone into the preparation even of this image.

painting... the interruption of picture making

Alva Noë, Strange Tools : Art and Human Nature (2015) : 103

7 December 2015

H. S. Rawdon & H. Scott, “Microstructure of iron and mild steel at high temperatures” (1919); Alva Noë, Strange Tools (2015)