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erratics / 1

the latter body       19
until there is a body       30
only the body       93
increase in body       93
a gravitating body       134
in the body of the till, at three distinct horizons       210
from the main body       249
in the same body       261
some small body       263
a central body       263
persist. this entire body       298
delta-like, into a shallow body of water, perhaps yet brackish       326
shallow body of water and did not spread       327
not encroaching to any extent on its main body       328
movement in the main body       329
intrusive body       364
body of finer drift       400
earlier and more widespread body       404
this ice body found such outlets as were available and at least two tongues pushed northward       429
quickly cooled       463
body, or in closely associated separate bodies       467
body of water       506
body of new material       675
body of the report       676
body from which the fragments came       737
from the outcrop of the body       737
age. the body       762

every body (adjacency only for 463) ex Journal of Geology 20 (1912)
Harvard copy
Smithsonian copy

24 December 2015

body; erratics; outcrop geology; W. Howchin