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anything can happen


The New York Times (25 December 2015) : A4-A23 (gutter detail)
epigram from full-page ad (A23, halftone sliver at right) for TheTimesCenter “event space.” *

  1. In the absence of a theory, anything can happen.
    D. W. Sciama (1926-99 *), Modern Cosmology (1971) : 100

  2. On this question indeed the early philosophers are divided.
    Aristotle “On Coming Into Being and Passing Away” (“De Generatione et Corruptione”)
    Book I, Part 1 ( translation; wikipedia )

transcript of Alan Lightman interview with Sciama, American Institute of Physics / Oral Histories.

27 December 2015

epiphenomenon; marginalia; matter; NYT; rounds
Aristotle; D. W. Sciama