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nado cloud.

Fig. 3. — Showing the rotary motion of the steam round the cloud column.
cropped from page (not squared)
W(illiam). H(enry). Dines (1858-1927 *). “Experiment Illustrating the Formation of the Tornado Cloud” (Shown at the Meeting on November 20, 1895). Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 22 (1896) : 71-74
Harvard copy, digitized August 29, 2007
Stanford copy (opening to same image) at archive.org
University of Michigan copy, ditto

“...a pound of wind made his breath, and so on, including a pound of cloud, ‘from which his unstable mind was made.’”
— from an Old English Colloquy

mentioned in Alexandra Harris her Weatherland : Writers & Artists under English Skies (2015): 11-12
reviewed by Kathryn Schulz in The New Yorker here

Nado — an artefact of the scanning process? unopened fold? — means et cetera in Japanese.

29 December 2015

clouds; gpoy; meteorology; mind; nado
W. H. Dines