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to baffle every description

across the otherwise clear sky; this, he believed, was the explanation of so-called invisible lightning       12

especially clear in the reflection; but the coast lines also come out       17
well clear from the       18
north and east will soon clear       54
clear off at once       61

have seldom a clear day       61
to baffle every description. the loud, clear notes       62
clear of each other       62
when, on a clear evening       62
a clear space between       62
a clear white fog       64
and the stars shone brightly       66

a fine clear evening       68
dry and clear, such as the coasts       68
standing in a clear atmosphere       71
on a clear calm night       72

clear, the slender       105
clear sweep over       109
the zenith was quite clear of       111
clear. No Bar.       113

after dinner all was clear overhead       113
was, in a great measure, clear       113
continued tolerably clear       113
nearly clear       114

and thus an almost clear space of blue sky was surrounded by dense masses of vapour       115
the slopes clear of vapour       116
clear and bright       117

clear days are great and surprising       128

clear till the descent       132

clear away the branches       138
so formed was always clear       139
with a coating of clear ice       140

fitted with clear plate glass       167
clear glass. The distance       168
a circle of clear glass       172

“It all happened in a moment, and I cannot give you any more particulars; it seemed all so quick, I had no time to see what was going on.” It is clear that the walls fell east and west, each in one piece       191

clear of all obstruction       200

The sky, previously of a clear and dazzling blue, is shrouded in a brownish dingy haze       205
alternately clear and       221
a hard clear mass of ice       222

it is clear that the camera was moved slightly during the exposure, and what appeared to the eye as one flash was in reality a succession of four       223

clear days       241
clear weather       245

clear except a bank of cloud       249
clear, and I could see       249

a coating of clear ice of the thickness of a penny piece       253


some three-quarters of the instances of clear (save for its suppression at 66) and selected adjacencies in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 15 (1889)

2 January 2016

clarities; clarity; lightning; invisible lightning; thickness; invisible