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how to apply

loose front flyleaf (detail; inverted; levels 60 .50 255)
How to Apply Royal Worcester, Matt, Bronze, La Croix and Dresden Colors to China. A practical elementary hand-book for amateurs, containing reliable methods for gilding, mixing of colors, ground-laying, relief-paste, firing, etc.
Twelfth edition. A. H. Osgood, New York , 1891
University of Michigan copy, digitized May 18, 2006

blues. those with a knife edge soon       16
difficult subjects       19

without iron. blues       23
as well as impossible       24

blues which are poor       25
difficult to restore       32

sky blue — a good mixing blue       25
difficult again       74

the blues mix       26
and blues softens them, and will not turn       26

difficult, and it is       99
mix with blues       28

difficult branches       140
with all blues       28

colorless, and difficult       173
over blues       33

difficulties attending       5
will mix with blues       37

difficulties of this kind       9
for blues, to secure the purity of color.       38

presents no difficulties       27
increases for them. blues       177

anticipate these difficulties       83
blues       204

difficulties in       140
blues       210

“... the desire to understand and, since I didn’t, I arranged things...”

Clarice Lispector, The Passion according to G.H.
(Idra Novey translation, 2012) : 14

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um if all you need to apply is a shitty cyanotype then I’m overqualified and I want to apply into this program, thank u
see this only now, 3+ years later.

17 January 2016

arranging things; blue; celadon; ceramics; china; color; difficulties; method; mixing; overqualification
C. Lispector