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It is pretty hard to say.

Fig. 5a. (a sample of steel plate as calorized). x65
(cropped from border, and to circle; levels 20 1.00 220; sharpened one notch)
ex W. E. Ruder. “Calorizing Metals.” Transactions of the American Electrochemical Society 27 (1915) : 253-261 (discussion 262-266)
University of California copy, digitized April 29, 2010

It is pretty hard to say. It would be different in every case.  p 265

The composer, in my opinion, has nothing to say, the composer must make something, and whatever he makes, will say more than he himself can... it should also say something to him.

Der Komponist, finde ich, hat nicht was zu sagen. Komponist hat etwas zu machen und das was er macht wird viel mehr sagen als was er sagen könnte... sollte auch ihm selbst was sagen.

— Helmut Lachenmann
the German text being the source of Yannis Kyriakides his der komponist for orchestra and computer (2015).
more (and listen) here.

19 January 2016

calorization; listening; metallurgy; method; rounds
W. E. Ruder; H. Lachenmann; Yannis Kyriakides