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the line of auricular attachment

detail, front cover (left edge, lower half rotated 180º and joined at right; levels: 20 1.00 255)
Transactions of the Second Annual Meeting of the American Laryngological, Rhinological, and Otological Society (held in the City of New York, April 17 and 18, 1896).
University of Minnesota copy, digitized October 1, 2013
from which these lines

one particular line of investigation       2
to follow a particular line of scientific thought       2
some special line       3

in the median line on phonation       16
a straight line       30
median line      38
left of median line       38
most prominent about the line of the       57
median line and retain       57
the line of attachment       125

behind this line       125
the line advised       126

if two lines be drawn       127
these two lines       127
in the line of auricular attachment       128
behind the line of auricular attachment       131

several lines in extent       140
the line of treatment       141

several lines in diameter       142

a search for stammer + transactions led, ultimately, to these lines.

4 February 2016

auricular; deserts; lines; ravines; rivers; stammering