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as in a strange conjugation

Fig. 9 — Spirochaeta pallida or Treponema pallida, discovered by Schaudin, 1905. The specific organism of syphilis....
(detail, reconstituted screen grabs)
illustrating Rudolph Matas (1860-1957 *). “The cinematograph as an aid to medical education and research.” / A lecture illustrated by moving pictures of ultramicroscopic life in the blood and tissues, and of surgical operations. Transactions of the Southern Surgical and Gynecological Association 24 (1912) : 1-27
Yale copy, scandate 20140319
University of Virginia copy (digitized October 20, 2009) at google books

To see the microörganisms move, evolve, and revolve in the midst of normal cells, the spirochete uncoil and undulate in the fluids which they inhabit, to see them hide behind the blood corpuscles, or in clumps of fibrin, turn, twist, and rotate inside of a red corpuscle as if in a cage — to see them apparently screw into each other as in a strange conjugation...  pp 19-20

12 February 2016

chronophotography; cinema; conjugations; strange conjugations
R. Matas