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a garden somewhat tended but not thoroughly mastered or understood.
— Jon Schueler (1916-92 *)

to garden,
work out of memory,
taste dirt if you've not before,
test ideas,
tender drive.

history and prehistory will out.
best yesterday.

too little room accept
but location location
location know.
with passersby connect.
windborne transgression, miscegenation
of view color kind all these receive
within reason.

watch for rime calling there to here,
rust to rust,
plant to passing appurtenance,
need to accident.

welcome drought.

let comeuppance come,
ambitions bend,
soil show.

oversee, regulate.
to hectic desire yield, at times,
knowing later rights all, or
think syntax, tropes, measure.
let what only you know your logic root.

the best garden books don't require pictures.

to garden has no object.

24 august 99 (pre-code days)
recently dusted off, hung amongst other didacticisms.

16 February 2016

didacticisms; orts; poetics; Jon Schueler