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from the photograph of a duck

annuals, change to biennials or perennials       335
caused little change in the conducting apparatus       7
slight external change, as may be seen from the photograph of a duck       11
nothing could change its rigid laws       40
a similar change has been reported       142
an acidifying change in which       166
the smallest change in       194
what passed in his mind revealed to him a change.
It was not that his conceptions had changed in the course of years, but rather his feelings and sensations       252
change in the intensity of these last       252
change in the qualities       329

ex Elie Metchnikoff (1845-1916 *). The Prolongation of Life : Optimistic Studies (1908)     *

something more recent on Elie Metchnikoff

originally a post to Poster poems on the theme change, but slightly changed here (last line moved to first).

5 March 2016

the aging process; change; vanitas; vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas; E. Metchnikoff