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and shook the living daylights out of them.

“A personal visit to the Library of Congress in June of 1949 disclosed a limited amount of material on the Federal Theatre Project, mostly uncatalogued except in the recollection of the attending librarian, a friendly, colored chap who ‘learned about his material from those who came in asking for it,’ and who thought it exciting that someone should evidence interest in the Living Newspaper. This kindly fellow then donated scripts of the five Living Newspapers produced by the Federal Theatre and some of its periodicals as well as the oft quoted Brief from the shelves of the Library of Congress for this study of the history and development of the living newspaper in the American theatre.”
note 39 / Personal investigation by visit, June, 1949.
pp 38-39
Patricia Ronayne McVey (1925-69), The History and Development of the Living Newspaper in the American Theatre. MA Thesis, Department of Drama, USC (August 1953)  *

those five scripts would be (in the order treated in the thesis) :

6 March 2016

facts; a friendly colored chap; memory; personal investigation; The Living Newspaper; P. R. McVey