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berlin blue. mirage. with corresponding dilations.


Plate 59, Fig. 128.
(detail; inverted; levels 30 1.00 255)
Centrum tendineum of rabbit, seen from the abdominal side. Berlin blue had been introduced into the peritoneum by "natural injection." b, Straight interfascicular lymphatics between the bundles of tendon of the abdominal side; a, lymph vessels of the pleural side, showing the valves, with corresponding dilations. The last lymph vessels are as completely injected as the first. (Oc., 3: Obj., 4. Tube not drawn out.)

ex J. B(urdon). Sanderson (1828-1905 *). Handbook for the Physiological Laboratory. (1884)
Columbia University copy, scandate 20100511
seems to be a later, all-in one edition of the two volumes published 1873 and edited by E. Klein (1844-1925 ?), J. B. Sanderson, M(ichael). Foster (1836-1907 *), and T. L(auder). Brunton (1844-1916 *). several scans available from all of these, via archive.org and,
via google books (all opening to same image), these β€”
Bodleian copy, digitized September 6, 2006
Harvard copy, digitized May 6, 2008
Ghent University copy, digitized October 8, 2013

had been searching β€œon mirage,” and alighted on a review of the earlier (1873) edition of the above in Nature 7 (April 10, 1873) : 438-441
The original — that I have violated here — is stunning; I suppose it was chosen for the review because of its aesthetic qualities, leavened justified of course by its caption and the austere nature of the volume itself.

aside —
there's something abstract and expressionist, maybe tachist, about the original image (here). my violation contains it in a baroque/emblematic vise. the archive.org scan was the best, though sepia-tinted

sepia invited the inversion.

10 March 2016

blue; dilations; mirage; rounds; sepia; vivisection; J. B. Sanderson, Handbook for the Physiological Laboratory (1884)