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or in looking at words printed on paper

detail, front endpaper/gutter
(three sections top to bottom, shown left to right; levels 10 255 1.00; sharpened one notch)
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (1908)
University of California copy, digitized January 10, 2008

in which, these words

words and looks       13
a very few words       17
these words inflamed the courage       104
audendum aliquid are the words he puts       119
a few words of introduction       130
to resume the words       135
memorable tho’ unhappy words       145
fond words       149
summed up in the words       153
unless the words       155
the words of his will, if nothing else       174
high words       212
of his words was proved       259

Since you have come this far one can only conclude that you are interested in Spanish or Latin America or in looking at words printed on paper.

— Viña Delmar (1903-90 *), Anatomy of Spanish (1973) : 105

somewhat my method.

17 March 2016

method; words printed on paper; Viña Delmar, Anatomy of Spanish (1973)