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The Suffragist (January-February 1921)
University of Illinois copy, no date of digitization

this number contains Sally Bird, “Fashion and Feminism. An Interview with Paul Poiret.”  354

what landed me in this volume — alas, the only number of The Suffragist findable online — was (indirectly) Edward H(iram). Reede (1875-1959), his “Is There a ‘Woman-Mind’? A Psychological-Analysis.” (November 1920) : 271-72
on thinking, feeling; instinct, intuition. aligns in some ways with the more recent “slow thinking, fast thinking” trope (inflected by gender).

smart editorial cartoons throughout, by Nina E. Allender (1873-1957 *), e.g., Woman’s Party: “Busy!” (December 1920) : 302

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1 May 2016

Nina E. Allender; E. H. Reede