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endpaper (detail, lower half rotated 180º, and adjoined to upper half)
Analytical Institutions, in four books : orginally written in Italian, by Donna Maria Gaetana Agnesi (1718-99 *), Professor of the Mathematicks and Philosophy in the University of Bologna.
Translated into English by the late Rev. John Colson
Now first printed, from the translator’s manuscript, under the inspection of the Rev. John Hellins... (London, 1801)
NYPL copy, google scan (evidently solely) at archive.org

epigram from the index
and ex Errata, this —
In the Plan of the Lady’s System of Analyticks.
Page xl.   Line 11.   After the word branch, insert a comma.

Today is Agnesi’s day.

16 May 2016

commas; errata; After the word branch, insert a comma.; M. G. Agnesi