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mundum esse caecum

detail, endpaper
Lucretius, de rerum natura libros sex (Remondini, 1788)
Biblioteca de Catalunya, digitized July 6, 2009

question —
has anyone delved into marbling on the slant so to speak, into its imaginative impact on the one-out-of-a-thousand (or ten thousand) readers who, adrift, drifted in — whose cerebellum met its match there — who derived therefrom something about chaos or order, some vision of hell, an accidental dream or nightmare; in a primitive, phenomenological encounter with its decorative excess... something like gazing into the depths of the burning hearth.

from a search for mundum esse caecum (the world is blind)

17 May 2016

blind; dreams; marbled paper; mouth; musings; Lucretius