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by sea-water, which very quickly decomposes

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The Repertory of Patent Arts and Manufactures : consisting of original communications, specifications of patent inventions, and selections of useful practical papers from the transactions of the philosophical societies of all nations, &c., &c. vol. VIII. (London, 1798)
University of Michigan copy, digitized May 24, 2007
once “The property of the State Library of Louisiana.&rldquo;

These nails were sufficiently hard to penetrate oak-wood, without being blunted; and this metallic mixture is not acted upon by sea-water, which very quickly decomposes iron.
M. Sage, “Observations on the Metallic Mixture made use of for casting Letters, or Characters, for printing” : 418-421

22 May 2016

characters; fish; decomposition; iron; letters; nails; piscine; unseen agencies; swimmings; M. Sage (1798)