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from the sand. these are useful guides

back endpaper, gutter (rearranged; sharpened one notch)
Arthur W. Rowe, “The Zones of the White Chalk of the English Coast I – Kent and Sussex” (Read December 1st, 1899)
reprinted from
The Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association 16:6 (1900) : 289-368
Ohio State University copy, digitized January 19, 2015

and sinks into the sand     295
southeast-from the sand     301
rises from the sand. These are useful guides     322
from the sand     323

from (initially) a search for abnormal and holes in transactions...

4 June 2016

damage; folds; sands; tears; white chalk 1
A. W. Rowe, “The Zones of the White Chalk” (1899)