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unsatisfactory, on account of the large variation / 2451


extreme variation       21
deposition and the variation       68
variation. it is believed       96
variation, but are still too far apart to be of any practical value       97


and the greatest variation       98
only one variation       194
variation from the mean       203
variation of the curve in use       300
his assumption that the variation       446
what the variation should be       446
the variation in p       446
It is not apparent how cohesion can account for such a variation.       446


variation in the weight of       552
variation in the quality, grain, and degree of       570
uncontrolled variation       642
variation, whether increase or decrease       643
a variation of any one of these       691


no variation one from the other       733
variation in the sizes of the sieves       738
Again, the variation       742
this matter of variation       747
long, and any variation       747
variation in the character       757
variation in the results       757
variation in the loss       777
variation in these ten readings       825


variation of the depth of the water       828
so little variation       828
variation in the value       829
variation in the value of m       831
as wide a variation of experimental       833
attempts to reduce this variation       833
only ten experiments where the variation       840
variation with a given tail and different noses       843


on the other hand, any variation       843
In Los Angeles the maximum variation in temperature       873
variation when digging over the sides       967
There will always be some variation       982
comparative variation of the different formulas       1024
variation from high to low       1091
known variation       1093
variation of nearly       1095
variation from computed straight-line or uniform slope elevations       1113
excessive variation       1115
range of variation       1174
extreme variation       1177
percentage of variation       1181
variation beyond       1181
this variation can doubtless be reduced       1181


the law of variation       1190
variation in length, so as to have to deal with a less number       1271
variation in color       1332
variation in absorption       1332
color variation       1332
annual variation       1479
variation from normal at any point       1594
variation along the pipe line       1595
variation above or below the normal curve       1635
variation does       1826
variation in       1826
lateral variation       1829
The law of variation is asymptotic.       1829


maximum variation of extreme       1836
in every degree of variation       2018


walls and the law of variation       2027
parabolic variation       2030
side-walls and the variation       2031
Compass Variation       2322
and as the variation in depths       2339
and the less the variation in the depth of       2359
thus far, have not produced enough variation from the general result       2419


this variation may be brought about by the shape       2452
a surprising feature of these curves is the variation in       2452
variation from normal. In the writer’s opinion       2475
would tend to produce a variation       2503
The writer would like to ask what information is available concerning the variation       2506


variations ex Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers 43 (January-December 1917)
Stanford copy, no date of digitization

Started with a foredge scan, since discarded,
and blue, these blues —
blue clay       1446
blue prints       2300
blue books       2322
also discarded,
then these variations (minus some, discarded),
and this, from her notes on the Cave —

Conceiving such relationships means conceiving limitations, constants which exercise control over variations, an obedience... The variation which obeys the constant doesn’t tend anywhere...
That is the use of depair which turns the attention away from the future.

— Simone Weil. The Notebooks of. Translated by Arthur Wills (1956) : 617-618

thanks AE.

15 June 2016

blue; method; motionless; obedience; variations
Simone Weil