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evidently Fig. 13
unopened map and cross-section showing wells and edge-water strata in the West Coalinga oil field.
(entire, inverted; halo╩╝ed thumbtrace and one Google o retained)
Bulletin No. 73. First annual report of the State Oil and Gas Supervisor of California for the Fiscal Year 1915-16 (Sacramento, 1917)
NYPL copy (bound with Bulletins 74-77), digitized October 11, 2011

bottom water
edge water
top water
certain water
considerable water
encroaching water
sulphur water
appreciable water
infiltration of water
water string
water trouble
shoe of water string
no water at all

being some waters (re-ordered, and (April 2019) regrouped), from reports on the Lost Hills, Belridge and Coalinga districts, pp 76-85

22 June 2016

blank pages; edges; infiltrations; vac.; water