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between the blank page and the poem

blank page, showing back of Orpheus Music Society (benefit) concert program
(and revealing partially masked effects of acidification from scrapbook sheet; inverted)
Kindergarten Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings / April 1887 – May 1889
by Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind
scandate 20120522
first of six, all via archive.org
includes some items in raised letters

glimpsed at top —

with great feeling and beauty of the privations of the blind and
the power of their inner sight
with which / the eyes of friends and lovers meet. Second     10

To be only an intermediary between the uncultivated land and the ploughed field, between the data of a problem and its solution, between the blank page and the poem, between the wretch with an empty stomach and the wretch with a full one...
False problem, and yet...

— Simone Weil, The Notebooks of. Translated by Arthur Wills (1956) : 126
(a passage on the “I”)

23 June 2016

blank pages; blindness; intermediary; vac.
Simone Weil