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fasciation, 1 / turgor

Fig. 5
(showing the bases of cottonwood saplings which had sprouted from stumps four years before)
above (levels 20 .90 255)
from Michigan State University copy, digitized May 1, 2014
from Missouri Botanical Garden copy, at archive.org, no scandate.
(all cropped to square)
M(elvin). A(mos). Brannon (1865-1950, *, ). “Fasciation.” The Botanical Gazette 58:6 (December 1914) : 518-526

During the spring of 1910, while an examination of a tree claim near Larimore, North Dakota, was being made, there were discovered some pronounced cases of fasciation. The tree claim had been planted to cottonwoods and willows in 1885...
From the list of possible factors such as light, gravity, and turgor...

turgor :
the normal fullness or tension produced by fluid content of blood vessels, capillaries, and plant or animal cells.
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

5 July 2016

fasciation; turgor; M. A. Brannon