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operator’s hand (prelim page)
Frederick Vernon Coville (1867-1937 *) and Daniel Trembly MacDougal (1865-1958 *). Desert Botanical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution.
Carnegie Institution of Washington, Publication No. 6 (November 1903)
Stanford copy, no date of digitization, via archive.org

None were any larger than the small uniformly
We couldn’t make an image for this result.
— says google, here, for my search for “none” — after “blank” and “nothing” — in the book

...the history of any particular book does not conclude with its publication...
the use of margins and other blank spaces...

— Stephen Orgel, The Reader in the Book : A Study of Spaces and Traces (2016) : 2
reviewed here

8 July 2016

blank pages; hands; none
F. V. Coville, D. T. MacDougal; S. Orgel