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foreign material

Fig. 4 – X-Ray photograph of a piece of coal from the No. 4 Pocahontas coal seam which is supposed to represent clean coal. The stratifications of small dirt bands are shown. Spots are also shown in the upper and lower right-hand corners. These spots were not visible to the naked eye, until photographed. Upon close scrutiny, foreign material was disclosed at these points. This material was carefully dug out and analyzed as follows: Upper spot, iron 9.94%, sulphur 10.66% or approximately 20.50% iron pyrites; lower spot, iron 15.43%, sulphur 17.93% or approximately 33.36% iron pyrites.
(cropped from border; levels 10 1.00 255)
one of a series of 23 stereopticon views presented in
Edward O’Toole. “Dry cleaning of coal by means of tables.” Year Book of the American Iron and Steel Institute 1921 (1922) : 203-234 (comments 232-234)
University of Wisconsin-Madison copy, digitized March 14, 2008

misconstruals —
sand? field? waves?
approaching fog?
figure (lower right) gazing at — moving toward? — structure in distance? 

23 July 2016
tags: E. O'Toole; coal; drama; fields; misconstruals; sand; skiagraphy; spots; waves; worried landscape