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Luminous names, or words

selected from A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by W. and S. Jones, No. 30, Lower Holborn, London. 1817
under the head Philosophical, &c. Instruments., these —

A bell, proving that there is no sound without air
Improved construction of this bell
A glass vessel for making a sound in vacuo
Ditto on a larger and different construction
Fruit stand
A thunder house, demonstrating the use of conductors
A powder house, for the same purpose
An obelisk or pyramid for ditto
A set of plain bells, three to a set
A new set of musical ditto, containing the gamut
A magic picture for giving shocks
Luminous names, or words...
A small head with hair
An artificial spider
An electrical swan
An electrical star
Balls of wood, bone, &c.
A glass for the eye
Ditto for the ear
Glass bubbles for trying spirits
Comus’ two boxes of numbers, one of which being secretely arranged, is discovered by placing the other over it
The mechanical powers...
The same occasionally made on a more elegant and enlarged plan...
A whirling table...


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