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out of connecting words

erroneous scan, p36 (detail, rotated 90ยบ cw)
Blue and White China. By Alexander T. Hollingsworth, Artificer to the Sette of Odd Volumes. Delivered at a Meeting of the Sette held at Limmer's Hotel, on Friday, February 6th, 1891. (1891)
Harvard copy, digitized December 10, 2007

One of our odd rules is that no Odd Volume shall be allowed to talk for more than three minutes on any subject that he understands. This of course implies that he may speak for any length of time on a subject that he does not understand.

...will always have that to fall back on when I run out of connecting words.
Jack Cox. Dodge Rose (2016) : 28

7 August 2016
tags: blue and white; china; dredging drafts; inconsequentia; odd volumes; Jack Cox; A. T. Hollingsworth