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infernal zone

Beguiling       But not in the code
Diatom       Evidently sent us by mistake

Diffusion       More
Hermit       Since

Illusion       At any time before
Illusory       At the same time (as)

Image       At this time
Imageable       At what time

Incision       Withdrawn
Incivility       Without

Incivism       Word
Inconfused       Written

Incubate       Have (has) not written
Incurve       Written in error

Incuss       Wrong
Indrawn       Each year

Inductive       For next year
Ineffable       For this year

Inferable       Zero
Infernal       Zone

ex Cipher Code, Guaranty Trust Company and Guaranty Company, (both of) New York (1930).
Press of Peterson Cipher Code Corporation
stamped (in red) copy number 232

August 2016
tags: couplet; telegraphic codes