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like tides

                                    and in his dance
Worlds expire like tides     1

misread it —
words expire like tides

don’t get out much,
outside of
outside words
outside of words
the outside of words
inside of words
the besides of words
(A-sides of words)
ironsides of words
betide words

betide world
happening world     2

  1. Gwendolyn MacEwen, Black Alchemy, in A Breakfast for Barbarians (1966)
    can’t find online, discussed by Margaret Atwood in her essay MacEwen's Muse, in Atwood, Second Words : Selected Critical Prose 1960-1982 (1970; 2011) : 67-78 (71)
  2. Caroline K, The Happening World (1987)   /   listen here

18 September 2016

Gwendolyn MacEwen; Caroline K.; adrift; drift; expirations; tides