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of which the subject is usually not aware

rear flyleaf (detail, inverted)
The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol. III (1908-1909)
Stanford copy, no date of digitization

In this account the term “subconscious” is used in the sense of “co-conscious” which is also employed as a synonym, meaning split-off, dissociated ideas of which the subject is usually not aware, but which, nevertheless, are in activity at a given moment. “Co-conscious” therefore implies doubling of consciousness.

ex (this volume) Morton Prince (1854-1929 *) and Frederick Peterson. “Experiments in psycho-galvanic reactions from co-conscious (sub-conscious) ideas in a case of multiple personality.” (June-July 1908): 114-131 (115)

9 October 2016
tags: Frederick Peterson; Morton Prince; blue; co-consciousness; figures; latihan; split-off dissociated ideas