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the quick : the life

Calvin Klein by Appointment* insert in a recent New York Times,
after several days in use as oil drip sheet next to stove
photographed through two sheets, afternoon sun, 14 February 2017

and the quick

The tender or sensitive flesh in any part of the body...
the central, vital, or most important part.
A tender, sensitive, or vital part. rare.
The quick : The life

Quick. Couch-grass, and other field-grasses and weeds, or their underground stems.
It takes fresh root at its joints, like quick-grass. (1765)

To kindle a fire. Obs. rare.


from A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles aka The OED (1888), here.

15 February 2017

flesh; Couch-grass, and other field-grasses and weeds; quick; quickenings; tenderness; NYT; lexicon