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of things seen; of places, or times

detail (inverted)
Calvin Klein by Appointment insert in a recent New York Times,
after several days in use as oil drip sheet next to stove
photographed through two sheets, afternoon sun, 14 February 2017

more quickenings —

Of things seen : Lifelike, vivid. Obs. rare.
Of rock : Natural, ‘living’. Of earth.
Mining. Of veins, etc. : Containing ore, productive.

Of stock, capital. etc. : Productive of interest or profit.
Of wells, springs, streams, or water : Running, flowing. Now rare.
Of soil, etc. : Mobile, shifting, readily yielding to pressure. Now rare.
Cf. Quicksand.

Of coals : Live, burning. Obs.
Of speech, writings, etc. : Lively, full of vigour or acute reasoning; smart, sprightly. Obs.

Of places, or times : Full of activity or business; busy. Of trade : Brisk. Obs.

Of sulphur : Readily inflammable, fire. Obs.
Of wine and other liquors : Brisk, effervescent. Obs.

Producing a strong effect on the senses or mind.

Of the voice : Loud, clear. Obs. rare.
Of colour : Vivid, bright, dazzling. rare.
Of feelings : Lively, vivid, keen, strongly felt.
Of a taste or smell : Sharp, pungent; brisk.
Of speech or writing : Sharp, caustic. Obs.
Of air or light : Sharp, piercing. rare.
Of what causes pain. Obs. rare.

Of steel : Breaking readily; brittle. Obs.
Of a curve, turn, etc. : Sharp.

from A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles aka The OED (1888), here.

19 February 2017

flesh; curves; quick; quickenings; steel; tenderness; NYT; lexicon
Calvin Klein