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to blossom out, the change which began

(detail, inverted; levels 20 1.00 255; printed orientation)
Old Oak at Coxall, Eyton, near Leominster
illustrating H. Cecil Moore. “Further Large Trees in Herefordshire, not previously recorded in Transactions,” in Transactions of the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club. 1898, 1899. (Issued December, 1900) : 111-113
Harvard University copy, digitized March 14, 2008
no other source available, raw screen shot here

“Oak at Coxall.
“In a field on the right bank of the river Lugg at Coxall, in the parish of Eyton, at the distance of about two miles from Leominster, is an old Oak which has a girth of 34 feet 3 inches, at 5 feet from the ground, and 36 feet at 6 feet from the ground.
The Photographs were taken by Mr. T. H. Winterbourne, photographic artist, of Leominster.”

to change annually     xiv
but the change is hardly justified by the evidence     31
hardly “fauve” in colour... the change in colour     43
erroneous. The change of ground-colour     63
in the stream there is constantly and suddenly changing     78
change has occurred with some regularity     82
change in habitat     89
changing later to a deep copper shade     73
through the change of the tenure     142
change, except to assume     261
the other is the change that, in this generation, is passing over the face of the country     264
to blossom out... the change, which began     265
by the change and corruption in place-names     267

31 March 2017

change; familiar ground; trees; Woolhope Naturalist’s Field Club