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a language of sounds. Their misfortune

a Language of Interest or Inclination       1724
a Language of a particular Cast, and contains Expressions, whose Penetracy can no more be translated into another Language, than the Water of a Diamond can be painted       1729

in a language, of which there is now extant but one volume       1767

a language of such real difficulty       1769
gainst the true pronunciation of a language of which he pretends to be master       1773

that a language of art had been framed by philosophers, by what means       1773-74

the words of a language of art       1773-74
that nothing in a language of art is without art       1773-74

were ever found without a language of their own       1773

a language of a very alarming import       1786
the soul, incapable of finding words in common language suitable to its lofty conceptions, and disdaining every thing low and prosaic, was obliged to invent a language of its own       1794

Every distemper may be said, in some sense, to have a language of its own       1797

a language of delightful sensation, that is far more eloquent than words: it breathes to the ear the clearest intimations; but how it was learned, to what origin we owe it, or what is the meaning of some of its most affecting strains we know not       1799
making a language of his own, and telling how ’twas spoken in those parts       1801

a language of this kind, and has reduced its elements to the simple sounds       1801

intelligible to the heart. It is a language of       1803
a language of which the natives were so absurdly ashamed       1805

a language of a very witty volatile people, seekers after novelty, and abounding with variety of notions       1805
but it is a language of passion only, and not of ideas       1807

a language of more extensive use seems, from the preceding circumstances, to have been given to bees; and if it be not, in some degree, a language of ideas, it appears to be something very similar.       1807

unquestionably a language of emotions and passions, as well as a language of ideas. Words       1808
a language of difficult acquisition       1810
a language of phrases, and that, consequently, many words must unavoidably be given by circumlocution       1810

Woman is a language of itself — its characters are more obscure than hieroglyphics       1811
for it is a language of tropes and figures... he suddenly burst forth into a warm panegyric       1811

a language. Of such words, one may often be       1812

a language of its own. Their bodies and arms were ornamented with different figures indented by fire       1817
a language formed of gestures, as there was a language of words       1818
A language of this description would indeed be a nondescript, altogether vague and uncertain       1818

but whether there be such a thing as a language of nature or instinct       1819

Yet... they have a character, as they have a language, of their own ; and the most marked feature of their character is a love of hazard       1819

A language of a still more simple, more determinate, in a word       1820
a language of a very different nature       1821
a language of the voice       1826
a language of some kind or other       1826
a language of this kind, and of far greater extent and variety       1826

altogether a language of things       1826
if not altogether, a language of pictures       1826
clothed in a language of his own creation       1826

a language of human thoughts       1826
a language of impenetrable privacy       1826
a language of its own, that is to say       1827

of necessity a language of symbols. if such then, of necessity       1828
being purely a language of ideas       1828
a language of ideas rather than of words       1828

translations from a language of which he is entirely ignorant       1828
which he surely could not have done, had he not been taught a language of some kind or other       1829
a language of State       1829

a language of which he had neither dictionary nor grammar       1830
a language of figures, every object or notion being expressed in it by       1831
a language of the utmost simplicity, certainty, and expressiveness       1831

and it would be a language of fixed sounds       1831
accustomed only to a language of definite ideas, attempting to glean from that language information concerning that language of the soul which expresses no definite ideas       1832
a language of the eastern peninsula       1834

a language of a different stock       1834
a language of the most extensive diffusion       1834
a language of sounds. Their misfortune       1835

how a language of signs is formed and improved       1835
a language of its own unintelligible beyond its walls       1835
a language distinct from speech — a language of signs and motions inexpressibly significant and vivacious       1835

a language of terms to every new discovery       1836
of those ideas. A language of words       1836
in a language of possibilities       1836

a language of its own, which speaks so feelingly to the heart, and so pleasingly to the imagination       1837
A language of methodized signs       1837

So that some power above us would afford
The means to make a language of a word

a language of a more primitive character       1855
the invention of a language of so much character and grammatical peculiarity       1855
scarce more elaborate than a language of signs       1905

any practice of speech, inasmuch as it involves writing, is a language of fear       1982

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