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the place of the Sum in the place of degree

the place where the books lay       416
the place from whence       418
and so went they together to the place       438
drawn to the place       439
found out the place by and by, and read       479
their daily conversations, in the place of the farmers       490

and so going forth they came to the place / the words of       493
but that the place still had remained in the book as it was       497
the place being not big enough       500
and without the gate, where was the place       533
the place where they stood       550
before they departed the place       557
And thus the day, the time, and the place of the apprehensions       557
or wrested to a wrong meaning, which the place giveth not       569
The place       570
Read the place       571
The place is this       571
Read the place       571
Read the place       572
Read the place of       572
Read the place       572
Read the place / if       573
The place of this       574
Read and mark well the place       574
no work, and The place       574
The place is this       575
Read the place       576
Read the place       577
The place in       580
Consider the place       581
Read and confer the place       581
The place is this       582
without doubt an error / The place of the book       582
The place of       582
The place of this       583
The place of this article       583
The place of       584
The place of this       584
The place of this       584

The place of       585
The place of this       585
Read the place, and see       585
wrung out, let the place be conferred, which is written       586
the place of this book       586
Read the place, which is written       586
the place, cited in the book       587
The words of the place       587
The place is here clear and plain       588
The place is this : The place       588
and lying signs. The place / the place containeth       588
The place of this       589
all through / The place is sound       589
indifferent. The place is       589
The place out of which       590
The place may seem to speak somewhat       590
to their own destruction / The place is this       591
The place of these       592
The place of this       592
The place out of       592
whereas the place       593
unhonest / The place       593
Read the place, and confer       593
life. The place       593

The place is this       594
as the place itself doth well declare       595
The place is sound and perfect.       595
The place out of which       595
The place out of which these two       595
against. The place       596
The place of this article       596
The place is this       596
read before in the place       596
The place is this       597
Read the place       597
The place of       598
The place is this       598
to do him good. Read the place of the Sum       599
in the place of degree       609
to the place       625
following him to the place       625
to the place       635
to the place that / profiteth nothing       639
at the least, either in the place       711
at his first entry into the place       749
with the place and occasion       753
in the place of those       757
or in the place of both       757
were ye not in the place ye be; but let it pass       762
After this they alleged the place of St. Augustine, where he saith       802
the Word itself calls thee to return: and there is the place of quiet not to be disturbed       *
either the place or the printer, does not appear       845
I occupye this day the place of a penytent prayeng       ibidem


every (save one) instance of the place,
together with adhering words,
in The Church Historians of England. Reformation Period. The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe. Carefully revised, with notes and appendices. Vol. V. Part II. (1858)
(which volume contains sundry harrowing accounts)
University of Chicago copy, digitized April 12, 2016
Princeton Theological Seminar copy at archive.org

excepting the antepenultimate line,
taken from Augustine, Confessions, Book IV, Chapter XI
William Watts (1590?-1649 *) translation (1631; 1912)

18 June 2017

latihan; place
Augustine, Confessions; John Foxe, The Acts and Monuments of