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where line has been piled upon line

their line       57
fine curved lines spreading, from a point       104
the line between       115
the arrangement of the lines, the form of the letters       137
straight lines intersecting one another       160
lines and spaces, and intervening ornamental tracings       169

there is propriety in drawing a line of demarcation       189
the same line       193
straight line the words       200
if another person, in the same line       248
on, in the same line       248
enclosing line. The letters were used upon       256
the entire length of the line of letters, and connecting them into a single symbol       264

line, upon which       269
border line       270
border lines       270
light lines whose tendrils extended       270
two lines curving       271
upper lines 271
lower line the words “Fast Colors”       271
All sorts of visionary conceptions are uttered in this world of fancies.       280

other colors, placed in special lines       280
and in poetry each line       320
where line has been piled upon line...
in the vague idea that, because the combinations are new       363

boundary line       365
dividing lines       366
substantially the same line of reasoning       380
lines. In the inner circle is the number of the cotton       389
lines, constitute the essential elements       391

A reader of these lines       608
plain lines one above another       617
said lines       617
stamped lines       617
let us inspect the lines       649
to encourage that line      664
line of, between       715


lines (excluding 20 or so), from
William Henry Browne (*), A Treatise on the Law of Trade-marks and Analogous Subjects, Firm-names, Business-signs, Good-will, Labels, &c. Second Edition, Revised and Englarged (1885)
University of Michigan copy, digitized October 16, 2013

30 June 2017

all sorts of visionary conceptions; cotton; latihan; lines
W. H. Brown, A Treatise on the Law of Trade-marks and Analogous Subjects (1885)