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originally abstract, denoting

about ery
another y
art ery
is ery
cloud ery
could ery
would ery
should ery
come ry
gone ry
found ery
lost ery
last ery
lest ery
list ery
lust ery
mist ery
most ery
must ery
new ery
old ery
one ry
two ery
perhaps ery
maybe ry
now ery
then ery
same ry
some ry
this ery
that ery
in ery
out ery
tomorrow y   *
when ery
where ery
word ery
thing ery


Extrapolations from a dream, whose key word evaporated upon waking. Attempts to bring it back led nowhere, save the above. Not words, but might’ve been.
And not all of them (quite) nonsense —

on -ery, see entry in the Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia (1903), including this —
Originally abstract, denoting the collective qualities of the subject, it has also or only a concrete sense, as in finery, greenery, etc. ... denotes a business... hence it came to refer to wares, etc., collectively... and to the place where such wares are made or sold, or to any place of business... or to any place where the things represented by the subject are collected... especially to places where animals are collected, or to the animals collectively, as in hennery, goosery, rookery, piggery, hoggery.

5 July 2017

dreams; rêves; found; lastery; lost; telegraphic codes