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moss to be more, 4

aconite     How soon could I (or we)
agrimony     After it did
balm     Why must it be
balsam     Why must you not be
bramble     Though you might be
broom     Unless you would be
bugloss     How you should be
belvedere     As soon as you are
burdock     Until you should not be
carnation     How soon he (she or they) would have been
cardamine     Also it could not have been
cardamom     And it could not have been
bulrush     And it should be

ex W. S. Wetmore, compiler, General Commercial Telegraphic Code (Shanghai 1875)

11 July 2017

aconite; agrimony; bloom; flora; flowers; lilac; lily; oleander; telegraphic codes
W. S. Wetmore