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moss to be more, 6

chicory     Decide to be
convolvulus     Decide to move
digitalis     Act without
hemlock     Endure the suspense
mandrake     As large as
marigold     Latitude
iris     Hold the invoice
mezereon     Lose the consignment
parsley     Prefer to risk
myrrh     The next season
myrtle     The next shipment
citron     Safe to comply with
cyclamen     Safe to repeat
crocus     Decide not to redraw
marjoram     Law
moss     To be more


concluding a selection and reordering of phrases whose codewords are flower and plant names, from W. S. Wetmore, compiler, General Commercial Telegraphic Code (Shanghai 1875), here

something on W. S. Wetmore (1827-98?) and his code(s).

the flower names are from Kate Greenaway (1846-1901), her Language of Flowers, Printed in colours by Edward Evans (London, no date but ca 1900), NYPL copy
omitting all flower names not encountered in the code, and adding a couple not listed in Greenaway, too

only 71 of the 175 botanical code words found in Wetmore, were used; the rest are weeds.

written (and best read?) aloud, with fluid/improvisational enjambment.

11 July 2017

convolvulus; flora; flowers; marigold; moss; weeds; telegraphic codes
W. S. Wetmore; Kate Greenaway