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only always always only, 2

bricks are always only of two sizes     1839 / 1
(always only two)     1813
but always only at the surface     1806
always only secondary and never prime     1900
always only second-best. A garden party     1878 / 2
denotes always only a figurative entering     1841
and the term for this is always only     1896
always only this single short word, and always in the same tone :
for the great passions have only one accent.     1891 / 3
only in the interjection
when     1913 / 4
always ; only for a time     1883
always, only when     1816
and always only in a few pieces     1900
always only in small quantities; the greatest quantity is found in no. 115     1900 / 5
always only insignificant     1873

not from necessity, but always only     1886
always only that which is permitted to escape     1827
as that of a pebble, and always only apparent     1829 / 6
these two things, always only     1860
(as if always only one and the same part of the sole of the foot pressed the ground)     1837 / 7
always only so that it remains     1880
always only one root     1840
or almost always, only     1826


pre-1923 instances of always only, sifted until settled, for now.
drawn (and quartered) from sundry sources, including these —

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  2. passage on Doré, in introduction to S. T. Coleridge his The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, illustrated by Gustave Doré (1878) : ix
  3. article on Christoph Willibald Gluck, in the series "Portrait Sketches from the Life," in The Monthly Musical Record (August 1, 1891) : 173
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  7. notice of a German treatise on walking and running, "got up in the true German style," in London Medical Gazette : Or, Journal of Practical Medicine 20 (1837) : 125

19 July 2017

only always always only; only; latihan
S. T. Coleridge