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a variety of hands, 7

sensory apparatus of the skin
smooth fingers
sensualist artists

soft or hard hands
square hands
synthesis and analysis

tactile corpuscles
taking a sign
thumb, the emblem of man

touch, sense of the fingertips
truth unnatural to man
uncertainty of exact science

Let the whole universe be for me, in relation to my body, what the stick of a blind man is in relation to his hand. His sensibility really no longer resides in his hand, but at the end of the stick. *

uses of the hand
value of the science
variation of hands

versatile talents
villages of elementary hands
writers on the hand

selections — punctuated by passages from analogous texts — from index to
The Science of the Hand; Or, The Art of Recognising the Tendencies of the human mind by the observation of the formation of the Hands.
Translated from the French of M. Le Capitaine C[asimir]. S[tanislas]. Arpentigny and edited with an introduction, appendices, and a commentary on the text by Ed. Heron-Allen.
With original plates and explanatory diagrams by Rosamund Brunel Horsley.
Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh copy (archive.org)

Simone Weil. The Notebooks of. Translated by Arthur Wills (1956) : 19

10 August 2017

blind; hands; emblematics; sticks
Simone Weil