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and ings


and Ings. On       1826
T f es and ings. s and ings. eers’ S       1875   1
and -ings by       1914
ing and ings, Sup- Other ment       1911
ing and 'ings
and ings by an s-circle in the same place, thus       1879
Open Fields, Meadows, and Ings, and a certain Open Common, or Parcel of Waste Ground       1794
and ing... being translated meadow       1896


and Ings renders the       1841
ancient messuages cottages frontsteads and lands in the said fields and ings and ancient inclosures... or such       1858
andings by such       1643
andings of men : we make not the use of them, as is requisite for rational creatures       1674
and ings for the apprehension       1821
and ings, that they might understand       1729


burn for the Head-ach and swimmings therein, and ings       1666     2
for which Faults and ings we may blush       1747
otherwise errors will inevitably []pen, even to the professed writer. For the terminations ing and ings, use a mark thus       1821
being about the length of the common accentual dash. -ing is denoted by this mark ', placed at the top, and -ings, by the same mark, placed at the bottom       1796


Hold 20 ha. ings zo and ings 50 and       1916
der der and ings. der. der       1916
was present, and Ings       1820


lofty and ings in chiaro scuro, tapestries, and hangings of coloured silk       1808     3
and by hearing the voice and ings against the       1816
glass over his head, and Ings       1777
and ings. * come       1918


She dances and (ings pretty well — we all know it       1757
in possession of the bless-compass of abstruse philosophy,
and ings of Redemption       1836
A very acute observer of men and ings has remarked,
that Chemistry is not a science of parade       1818     4


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    (“On Beets,” different edition at archive.org)
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  4. on “chemical amusement” in The Literary Panorama and National Register 7 (March 1818) quoting “Miss Edgeworth” on chemistry, from her Letters for literary ladies, to which is added, an essay on the noble science of self-justification (4th ed, 1814)

andings and corrupted results — most occasioned by OCR misreads across columns in tables, a pronounced dislike of st and other ligatures, misconstruings of column ends and beginnings, edges out of frame, &c, &c.
and the word ing/s, meaning meadow; see OED (archive.org)

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andings; a science of parade; chemical amusement; ing; meadow; noise; static; swimmings
Miss Edgeworth