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the same, reverse view — The Albatross

foredge (detail, 90ºccw, inverted), facing Plate XIV
United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries, Report of the Commissioner for 1883 (1885)
the plate accompanying Z. L. Tanner, Report on the Construction and Outfit of the United States Fish Commission Steamer Albatross (1884)
University of Illinois copy
different (Smithsonian) copy at archive.org

Same volume contains a telegraphic code for describing whales, being part of
Frederick W(illiam) True, his Suggestions to the Keepers of the U.S. Life-saving Stations, Light-houses, and Light-ships; and to other observers, relative to the best means of collecting and preserving specimens of whales and porpoises. (1884)
Smithsonian copy at archive.org
to which asfaltics will turn in due course.

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8 October 2017

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