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or in read on

or in read on.
for full read first.
for titles read tables.
for visible read invisible.
invisible and a body       206
invisible, but assume a blue colour       207
visible to the eye as printed above, but
this is not so under all its transformations       26

glass, for example, is invisible       208
hair, only visible in certain lights       122
to allow of a visible image being formed of them by reflection or refraction of light       205
A reflection where meaning
Suddenly forms      
a visible image (or replica)       205
is to render them invisible       205
All the wavering visible
Unwrites itself,
Embers through which the call
of other fields passes

visibles and invisibles, from errata and throughout
Memoirs and Proceedings of the Manchester Literary & Philosophical Society Fourth Series, vols 1 and 2 (1888, 1889) including
Alexander Hodgkinson, his “Colour and its relation to the Structure of Coloured Bodies.” (Received April 8th, 1889) : 193-212
opens to errata, vol. 1 in
University of California copy, google books and
American Museum of Natural History copy, archive.org

and (1 and 2)
Yves Bonnefoy, “The Lure of the Threshold” (Richard Pevear trans of “Dans le leurre de seuil”) in Yves Bonnefoy, Poems 1959-1975 (1985)

27 October 2017

errata; invisible; visible; A. Hodgkinson; Yves Bonnefoy