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orme, ormes and orms

This last category of being opens up a whole new can of orms.       2017
orms in the brain
orms in the heart
orms in the nose
orms daily in his own mouth
orms, that their feet swell’d
orms like eels, &c.
orms are so many
orms; that therefore was no more than natural       1727

Orms, who came to us
Orms left us the next day
Orms understood
Orms misunderstood
Orms met the men he did meet
Orms had met a man something like himself
Orms all
Orms, whose name was mis-understood
Orms the whole story
Orms. how could this have happened       1832

known at present, of the Orms       1912
to Orms, north side Orms to corner Orms       1878
several places were named Orms-by, Orms-ton, Orms-kirk, and others...       1887
Any one acquainted with the legends of the north must be familiar with Lind-orms, and in those of Germany the Lind-wurm is no unfrequent actor.       1828
orme, ormes and orms       1912
ove! abo lent, be to, orms: ly to ted to e wal irral; acebo d       1835
Orms. For heaven’s sake, explain this mystery       1774
The beauteous orms, the dazzling splendours, the breathing odom’s of the East       1818


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note —
several of these orms, e.g., ex Ramesey 1727 — and many more discarded — were artefacts of OCR misreads, typically of italicized words.
Schulz’s essay on impossible beings — orms mysteriously among them — is brilliant. She is also the author of Being Wrong : Adventures in the Margin of Error (2010)

4 November 2017

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