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if that ain’t a something of

something different, yet not wholly different       27
something more than a spontaneous procession of related imagery       35
something like a broomstick       39
something unusual or       71
to tell you something. I       111
seek something we cannot find or have left something behind       116
something that I could see       143
something twisted       154
something of the combined dignities of religion and of science       157
something hot       160
something incongruous       196
something similar       219
a time thinking of something       219
to have heard something of it       227
something that had been sought for       240
something learnt       246
something of the brilliance and relief       254
not something which has been, but something which is       256
like to something I remember a great while since, a long, long time ago       259
if that ain’t a something of Heaven       270

ex Havelock Ellis (1859-1939 *), The World of Dreams (1916)
University of California copy at google books
Countway (Harvard) copy at archive.org

something thinned, mute

5 December 2017

tags: paramnesia; something; somethings
Havelock Ellis, The World of Dreams (1916)