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whose lands touch the sea

original work and experimentation but also that close touch be kept     78
Solace. In their close touch     78
not touching     172
indirectly touches     201
life. That touches a point     261
just touching a molten quantity     271
which electricity has hardly yet begun to touch notwithstanding its many advantages     273
and the running water should never actually touch the plants or trees     281
need not touch     303
can touch only     400
touched upon     405
touched upon may     429
here touched upon     454
the eye or
through the touch     1     579
thus appealing to vision, touch and the kinesthetic sensations.     579
in touch with     600
touch upon those changes     699
constant touch     705
touched     717
whose lands touch the sea or who have any interest     796
touching the water     799


Frank B. Gilbreth and Lillian M. Gilbreth, “Chronocylegraph motion study devices for measuring achievement.” : 574-580

touches, in
Proceedings of the second Pan American scientific congress (Washington, Monday, December 27, 1915 to Saturday, January 8, 1916), vol. 6, Section V (Engineering), W. H. Bixby, chairman (1917)
University of Wisconsin - Madison copy, digitized November 29, 2007
same scan, same copy (minus photographs, opening to the Gilbreth paper) at archive.org

this, refloated from old drafts, run aground

4 February 2018

experimental; touch; water
F. B. and L. M. Gilbreth (1915)