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reprints and separata, 2


several much-used cuts
several new varieties
several lateral crests
several stems
several stems
several important particulars beside those
several stems
several joints
several faults
but once in several years
these and several other
several experiments
several instances
a few eucalyptus limbs and several burned out and charred stumps
several interesting features
on the pavement, as were several
the presence of at least several
several features in common
several objections to the use of
several canons for the selection of
several generations
studies and experiments of several
several numbers in each series
several instances
several records
requirements, or several qualities in combination
several different kinds of
wide and several
of several layers
of the several parts
several parts glued together
several hours
several months of immersion
Recourse has also been taken for the same reason to the less reliable and more variable external appearance, color, taste, smell, weight, etc.     1
several rows; easy splitting
southerly of several
several places on the same unlucky day
for this purpose. He mentioned several
several forms
in several letters
several now familiar
withes or wicker. Several
and several others had not come from Spain
several errors of
silt from an area of several


drawn from the 86 instances of the word several found in volume 149, Zoology Reprints and Separata, Etc,
Cornell University Library
QL 3 W94 v.149
Gift of Professor Albert Hazen Wright (1879-1970, herpetologist, *)
digitized November 19, 2009
more via HathiTrust

ex B. E. Fernow and Filibert Roth. “How to distinguish the different kinds of wood.”       here

11 February 2018

eucalyptus; separata; severals; silt; the less reliable and more variable; withes or wicker